Zamask – History & info

Inhabited since litteraly forever, Zamask was mentioned as “Samaskh” for the first time in 1177 in Feudal Law of Pazin County. After the war in 1508 and peace in Worms in 1523, it was conferemed that the border between Austria and Venice passes right throught Zamask. The Venetian part was called Zumesco and the Austrian part Zamasco. This was the case until the fall of the great Venetian Republic in 1797. The border was passing right throught the eastern edge the Villa Vista land!

For Zamask, not being found on maps is nothing strange or unusual. Divided between two Empires, between the great and the excellent Venetian Doge and the Habsburg Emperor, Zamask has always had its churches that proved and saved his integrity. One of them was on the territory of Venice, and the others on the so called austrian territory. Today’s church of St. Michael was built in 1900 right where the chapel was back in 1178.

There is a Glagolitic inscription from 1576 on Custody and it is placed on an old stairway. At the marble altar of the church there are paintings of St. Martin and St. Apollonius. The bell tower 16 meters high was built 1821.

The smaller church is dedicated to St. Martin and built in the 12th century. For hundreds of years, the parish church, gathered the people who lived there under the same roof ; the “Republicans” and the “Empire” ones. Back in 1903, the parish church called the Church of St. Michael, was left and neglected. Until 1994  the same church waited for reconstruction. The reconstruction was a big moment for Zamask and a croatian painter, Milun Garčević, made a work of art- the figure of St. Martin. Right in front of the church there is a statue of St. Martin, made in 2003 by the order of their local pastor Joseph Matijašić.

The inhabitants are mostly engaged in agriculture, and, during the season, truffle hunting.

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– 19
– 420 m a.s.l.
– W45.328, L 13.88
– Novigrad – 33 km, Poreč – 35 km
– Motovun -9km, Trviž -9km
– Pazin – 15 km
– Motovun – 9 km, Livade – 9 km, Beram – 12 km
– – 194
– – 192
– tel. no. – 193